Q: What the Female Stripper Expects from your Party?

A: The entertainer will provide the services you ordered in the best form possible. Keep in mind that if your party is out of control, your guests are disrespectful, or the stripper feels threatened or endangered. Then the entertainer has the right to leave your party without a refund, nor a an adjustment of any kind. Furthermore, any complaint from you or your guests will not be taken in consideration. Your order would be classified as a cancelation upon arrival and you will be charged the entire amount of the order.

Please treat the dancers with the same respect you would treat any other professional service provider. The strippers are putting it all out on the line and opening themselves to more criticism than any other profession.

Good Behavior, Good Conduct, Good Attitudes, leads to all types of Good Times, Good Memories, Good Laughs, and a Good Show from the entertainer.